About Us

Our Mission

To partner with our clients to design and execute strategic marketing and technology solutions to motivate behaviors to achieve positive results.

Our Story

Marketing Resources Incorporated (MRI) is a promotion agency that designs and executes marketing and technology solutions to motivate behaviors and achieve positive results.  We accomplish this by engaging with consumers through different tactics such as instant win games, sweepstakes, contests, incentives, and loyalty programs. Slant Marketing has merged with MRI to create a marketing revolution that focuses on data-driven insights to direct creative marketing campaigns that are flawlessly executed. MRI offers a full suite of services to design, develop and execute these programs including strategy and creative, legal/compliance, production planning and security, technology development, and fulfillment.

Founded in 1995, MRI has been in business longer than many competitors and has successfully launched some of the largest promotions in the world. The company has been successful at revolutionizing how promotions are executed for Fortune 500 brands.  Today we support many brands in bringing all different sizes of campaigns including global, national, and local market programs. We have developed a reputation for flawless execution while providing superior account management.