The Digital Wallet: Its Measurable Results and Impact

We know that mobile wallets—specifically, ads—have great benefits for both brands and consumers. And we have some numbers from national auto parts supply retailer, Pep Boys to prove it. According to their CMO, Ron Stoupa, “about 26 percent [of consumers] download the [mobile ad] offer once they see it, but 30 percent of these folks are redeeming the ads, either online or in-store and it’s driving amazing sales—to the tune of seven-figure results in the first couple of months.”

Better still, we know consumers are using mobile wallet. According to Vibes, 70 percent of consumers, on average, will save an Apple Passbook offer to their phone when presented with a digital pass. There also is a 64 percent higher conversion rate over static mobile web coupons, and there is a 26 percent increase in AOV over static mobile web offers. And mobile wallet lifts email conversions; when email is activated with mobile wallet, 8 percent of users increase in conversion.

The bottom line is digital wallets have proven persistent and valuable for consumers, driving them to retail for advertisers.