Why the Digital Wallet is a Win-Win for Brands and Consumers

Given that the mobile phone serves as a security blanket and lifeline to any and everyone, it seems inevitable that it should also serve as a means to pay for any and everything too. If convenience and expediency are the names of the games, then retailers and consumers are winning at this new type of mobile service—the digital wallet.

Digital WalletMcDonald’s, for example, understands the value in digital wallet as it already has installed the Apple Pay technology in 14,000 domestic outlets and drive-thrus for customers to pay with their smartphone instead of the traditional cash or credit. And when it comes to advertising, offers, or promotions, digital wallets fit the needs for both consumer and brand.

For brands, mobile wallet ads are quick and easy to deploy through the use of a WalletLink URL to Apple Passbook and Google Wallet. Additionally, the ads are a persistent tool that also can be updated easily through automation and customized for the individual consumer. For the customers, the mobile ads or promotions are fast and convenient to use with as little as two clicks. And that these wallet ads or promotions live right next to the consumer’s traditional or digital credit cards, loyalty cards, and boarding passes—making it very convenient to buy services or products for the approximately 90 million digital wallet enabled smartphones in the United States.