How We Do It

Developing successful promotions with over 20 years of experience.


MRI is an industry-leading promotion agency that is trusted by popular brands to provide our expertise in designing, developing and executing major promotions.  We offer a complete set of capabilities to handle every aspect of your campaign from developing the concept through to provide the program analysis and recommendations.

Strategic & Conceptual
Ideas to inspire action

Developing successful promotions starts with ideas that motivate consumers with fun and rewarding experiences. Brands across all different business categories look to us for recommendations to achieve their marketing goals.

Promotion Services

Managing the details to provide security and brand protection

We have the experience and processes to ensure your promotion is legal and executed properly. Our services extend beyond our company to provide oversight to production and print facilities.

Digital and Mobile

Digital and Mobile Promotions

Connecting through virtual channels

Using digital channels including web, mobile, email, and social to engage consumers and drive sales. We have the experience, infrastructure, and security to deliver rich consumer experiences.

Data Management & Analytics

Motivating behavior through insightful analytics

We make data useful with our intuitive reporting and data visualization tools. These tools help us identify benchmarks to evaluate each campaign and make recommendations to improve them.

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