Marketing Financial Learning to Kids via Gaming

Fidelity Investments is on to Generation Y and Z’s love of gaming, and they aim to capitalize on it. The mutual fund company recently introduced StockCity, a virtual reality game catered to younger generations who are not stock-savvy but want to learn about investing to secure themselves financially for the future.

According to Fidelity Lab’s director of product management, Seth Brooks, it’s all about marketing to meet the needs of their prospective customers. And in this case, these customers engage best in a gaming environment. With StockCity, it’s about presenting information that is normally mundane and often overwhelming for non-financial laypeople, in a format that is easily digestible and interesting.

While the success of this product-as-virtual-game has yet to be determined (as it’s currently being released on a web platform only), we at MRI appreciate the smart marketing that Fidelity is employing with this initiative. Fidelity is letting its customers determine the venue in which to engage and communicate—by virtue of its established online habits and behaviors (i.e., gaming). In strategically marketing to this target group, Fidelity is positioning itself as an active listener; and beyond great service and products, isn’t being heard what all customers want?