Soon, millennials as a whole will constitute the group with the most purchasing power, making them ideal bait for marketers. This age group generally includes individuals born between the early 1980’s and early 2000’s. Millennials – known as the “always on” generation, spend the majority of their time – up to 18 hours a day – communicating, working, and socializing via technology. Companies work tirelessly to ensure that they stay ahead of emerging trends and guarantee that opportunities aren’t missed with this important demographic. Here are a few rules of thumb:


The multiple digital device lifestyle of millennials enhances the importance of digital marketing campaigns for most brands with a millennial audience. According to a report from Mintel, a top market research company, authenticity is paramount in developing trust between millennials and advertisers. If you come off as disingenuous to this generation, they will be the first to notice and blacklist you on their personal networks. One thing that sets millennials apart from other generations is their ability to share everything online with their own social networks – brands must take advantage of this and leverage positive feedback that can be shared.


Accessibility of your brand online increases sharing opportunities and creates direct links with your audience. It’s incredibly important for brands to have an online identity that millennials can easily access, connect with and share if they want to remain top of mind. Being able to relate directly with consumers will not only put you ahead of competitors, but you’ll earn the status of a “cool company” which significantly enhances your credibility.


According to a recent article by, the overwhelming majority of millennials report that they trust and listen to the personal opinions and experiences of friends and family members when making purchasing decisions. Word-of-mouth reviews present an enormous opportunity for companies to market directly to millennials by encouraging consumers to share their personal experiences with specific brands or products online.

In order to succeed with millennials, brands need to implement an effective marketing strategy that grabs millennials’ attention. They need to connect with them socially, project a positive brand image, and transform them into brand advocates. Covering these basis ensures that your company’s positioning thrives and develops as the next generation of consumers comes of age.