Mobile is King

Cash Mobile is King

The tide has turned and mobile marketing is the new leader in reaching your intended audiences. For the first time in history, more users are tapping into content via mobile devices versus televisions. As highlighted in the Sharethrough article “Moble-first content,” companies need to be in tune with this trend and be more mobile-centric.

Report-Mobile-App-Downloads-To-Peak-In-2013-After-That-Its-All-About-The-Mobile-Web-300x162Key elements for success in mobile include developing for mobile first and foremost and then cascading that information into other formats. While the format might be new, the old school principle of having powerful and captivating headlines remains key in our time-crunched, quick scan world. Because the quality of the posts reflects directly on the perceived quality of the company – well proofed, well-written copy and clean design need to demonstrate the company’s dedication to quality.

Mobile marketers that really want to engage clients include promotions and sweepstakes marketing. This takes the encounter from a passive appearance to active engagement. Sweepstakes create excitement and have the potential to go viral!

If there is a lesson to be learned from the recent security breaches, it is that mobile security needs to be tightly managed. As mobile transactions continue to increase, brands can secure added fans by ensuring the payment process is efficient. We will see mobile continuing to morph into new devices. Because of these ongoing innovations, savvy marketers will need to constantly reassess and adapt in order to keep users in the palm of their hand.