MRi’s Ultimate Promotion Scholarship

MRi was pleased to sponsor “The Ultimate Promotion Scholarship.” The contest demonstrated the company’s commitment to future marketing innovations. As a continued investment in the future of the marketing industry, MRi endeavors to answer the question, “How do young people want to connect with the brands they love?”

The scholarship was awarded on the completion of an essay of 1,500 words or less describing a creative promotion for a brand and why such a promotion would be effective. The winning essay was, “The First Meeting” written by John “Jack” Kelly. He was subsequently awarded a $1,500 scholarship to be applied toward his continued education in Marketing at the University of San Diego.

Kelly’s winning essay detailed a corporate-sponsored contest by Dollar Shave Club (“DSC”). The successful participation resulted in an exclusive invitation to the first meeting of DSC members. Given that the popular mail-order shaving product company has over 2 million customers, creating a club meeting for all members would be impractical. Therefore, generating a contest for an invitation to a meeting of DSC members creates exclusivity and promotes a desire for participation, as well as furthering the brand image.

MRi’s Vice President of Marketing said, “He did a great job playing the role of promotions designer by creating a contest that is an extension of the brand and speaks to the brand’s core consumer.” This further demonstrated the creative approach developed in the winning essay.

Through the “Ultimate Promotion Scholarship”, MRi continues its commitment to providing creative, purpose-driven promotions, as well as, providing for the continuation of an innovative marketing industry.

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