No Widgets and No Robots

Your company delivers specific products and services that are not like the guy down the street. The same is true about your customers, they are not some carbon-copy clone that companies can make broad judgments about. Companies spend billions to determine exactly who they are and what their brand delivers. Extending that specificity into your customer research can drive added sales.

As we can see in this article, tapping into the mindset of your customers is a way to connect on a deeper level to create a bond that will bring them back to you. Use these guidelines in your mindset segmentation strategy:

  1. Beliefs:Align your offering and the way you reach out to customers in a manner that taps into their beliefs. Does your audience believe in charitable efforts? Then tie your work to the good work of others by running a sweepstakes that gives back to the community.
  2. Hopes and fears: Tying into what your customers dream of and what they dread can help you create a richer connection.
  3. Emotional needs: Qualitative interviews can uncover how potential customers want to be perceived and how that ties into your brand.
  4. Expectations: Customer trust is closely tied to their perception of the parent company. What types of actions would your customers consider admirable? What social value does your parent company provide that gives customers the greatest sense of satisfaction?
  5. Brand perceptions: How does your brand appeal to customers’ self-image and sense of dignity? How do your promotions to this group reinforce this message?

We are not selling widgets to robots, so by having your marketing and promotions custom tailored to their beliefs and needs, you will have a better fit and a longer lasting relationship.