Why People Love Instant Win Promotions

Instant win promotions are huge in the marketing world right now, and for good reason. These promos increase brand awareness, encourage website visits, and often boost sales. But why? What is it about this specific marketing method that works so well?

The Appeal of Instant Win Promotions

The most successful marketing follows societal trends. Today’s consumer lives in a fast-paced, connected world. Smartphones and devices have drastically changed the way we do everything. With instant access to social media via our mobile devices, shoppers can share their experiences in real time. And that’s huge for businesses.

Instant win promotions take advantage of this new norm by playing into our interactive culture. Here are four reasons people love these promos:

Instant Gratification

It all started with the microwave. Instead of turning on the oven and cooking something for half an hour, you could suddenly stick your meal in this box and it would cook in two minutes. Our obsession with instant gratification has only grown since then. The internet, social media, smartphones – all these things make it easier than ever for people to shop, dine, work, research and just live.

Instant win promotions give people the chance to enter and immediately learn the results. What better way to win an awesome prize?

Involvement & Engagement

As humans, we crave community. That’s why we form cliques in high school, why we gossip with coworkers, and why we now flock to social media to join various groups. With instant win games, people feel that they’re participating in something bigger than themselves. Something that other people – maybe people they look up to – are doing. Naturally, they can’t miss out. Additionally, winning is FUN. Humans inherently have a love of play, and aspire to things that are bigger and better.  A well-designed instant win game plays into those innate human desires. Additionally, the more people who win the more likely they are to tell others to play. You can accomplish a lot by finding an inexpensive and easy to fulfill prize so that you can offer a lot of winners without busting your budget.

Additionally, with the advancement in digital technologies, executing an engaging game is easier than ever, with the right designers put to work. Think of the latest mobile game trend—when explained, the games sound incredibly inane, I’m going to slingshot birds at pigs? However the moment you begin playing, it’s easy to see their appeal. Think about harnessing that kind of engagement in something associated with your brand!


The best instant win games are easy for participants to find, access, complete, and share. And, of course, they’re fun! People are busy. They may not have time to fill out a complex entry form or put a lot of effort into a task. The simpler the promotion, the better chance you have that people will participate – meaning more exposure for your business.

Additionally, keeping things simple for your company to manage makes it a win-win.

MRI and Your Instant Win Promotions

The experts at MRI are pros at creating instant win games that get people involved, build your brand, and drive sales. Working with us is like giving your business a guaranteed chance of success. Give us a call to learn what we can do for you.