What promotions are best suited to achieve different objectives?

Today’s consumers are more engaged than ever. From using smartphones to tablets, e-book readers to desktop computers and more, mobile connectivity has made anytime and anywhere access to information a reality for the vast majority of Americans.

According to a September 2013 Pew Research study, 86% of American adults use the internet. So what does that mean for promotions? Even more options for interacting with potential participants! But with all the options out there, it is critical to choose the right type of promotion and platform to achieve your marketing objectives.

Here are three steps your company can take to identify the right type of promotion for your brand:

  • One, evaluate what it is you are looking to grow.
  • Two, identify the appropriate audience for your campaign.
  • Three, what are the limitations or considerations? Ask yourself the hard questions. How could this promotion fail?

Whether you are looking to increase “likes” on Facebook, drive in-store traffic or increase sales, there is a promotion that is right for your business.

Special Offers are one of the most common promotions consumers are used to seeing. Whether it is a “buy this, get that,” rebate campaign, or a percentage off promotion, these offers increase sales, increase trial for first-time customers and drive online traffic.

Need to raise engagement on social media? An online or social media sweepstakes is a great option to boost a page’s Facebook following and create engagement with your brand. Furthermore, sweepstakes allow you to collect consumer information, drive online traffic and potentially, repeat traffic. Check out one of our most online sweepstakes here with Color Scents which resulted in receiving nearly 30,000 entries in just one day!

Want to truly engage with your customer base? Then a contest might be your best bet. Contests increase consumer engagement and typically generate good PR and awareness for your campaign and brand. Successful contests we have conducted include: writing an essay, submitting a relevant photo, dreaming up a new spin on a product or creating a new flavor.

The US has embraced a culture of instant gratification. Everyone loves the thrill of winning – Instant Win Games help increase awareness and consumer engagement. Driving incremental sales, in-store and online traffic is often a result of an instant win promotional campaign. Our instant win game with Palermo’s Pizza helped to increase trial of the product with new consumers and increased orders with their customers – a win-win for the brand!

Employee Incentives (do this, get that as well as Mystery Shoppers): Offering special rewards to employees that interact with your consumers are an effective tool to push sales of specific products or services. Layering on a consumer program creates a synergistic effect (customer is asking about the offer, and employee is presenting the offer) that can really pump up the bottom-line. Whether you are trying to implement a new sales strategy or get your employees to meet sales goals, these incentives will motivate your team.

What’s your view point on promotions? Reach out to MRI to learn more about how promotions marketing could help your business grow to new heights.