Engage consumers to interact with your brand through user-generated Contests. Contests connect your brand with your current customers and give you a PR platform to generate awareness. Inspire your customers to apply their skills to demonstrate your brand’s purpose with a:

  • Photo contest
  • Essay contest
  • Recipe contest
  • Video contest

Customers are asked to incorporate your brand into their most interesting photo, tastiest recipe, or heartwarming video. Winners are determined based on how well they demonstrate the skill against the criteria. At the end of the promotion, incorporate their high-quality content in to your marketing communications to further promote your brand’s purpose.

When administering a Contest, each entry must be evaluated against the same criteria to determine a winner. This can be done through a judging panel, a popularity vote, or a combination of the two. To be a true Contest there must not include any random component, otherwise it is a Game of Chance and has other legal requirements.

For more than two decades, clients have trusted MRi to administer their contests and offer digital solutions to bring these programs to market. We create strategies and design programs with your brand’s purpose in mind. Our experienced team will develop the official rules and criteria for the program and help determine the winners. 

Talk with one of our Client Strategy Managers today to plan your next Contest.

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