Instant Win Games

Instant Win Games are the most common type of game and can include both online and offline components. The purpose of Instant Win Games is to reward consumers with an instant reward for taking action.

Offline game pieces are offered to encourage consumers to purchase certain products or services. While it is sometimes the employee’s responsibility to distribute the game pieces, it is best to have the game piece attached to the product. Many game pieces also include additional online game plays delivered through a unique code. Popular Offline Games include:

  • Scratch and win
  • Peel and Reveal
  • In-Pack or Under the cap message

Online Games can include a wide range of interactive experiences. Depending on the initiative it could be something simple, like a digital scratch-off or peel-off game piece. Or, it can be something more interactive like a wheel-spin, Trivia Game, or experience demonstrating the brand’s purpose.

Prize pools for Digital Games are easy to manage because you give away all of the prizes that you offer. When using a game piece you should forecast that a portion of the prizes will not be redeemed. This could be because the winner lost the game piece, never claimed it, or in some cases didn’t want the prize. The primary risk with these Games includes technology or production errors that cause the Game to award too many prizes.

MRi is recognized as one of the top Game Management Companies in the industry and is the preferred partner for major brands when it comes to managing risk and brand protection. Our team will develop an Instant Win Game with your brand’s purpose in mind. We will deliver a comprehensive program including creative and strategy, legal administration, production management, and digital solutions. Our procedures and technology platforms reduce costs and protect against errors.

Talk with one of our Client Strategy Managers today to plan your next Instant Win Game.

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