Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts are Purpose-Driven Promotions that engage and educate your consumer with a fun and competitive experience. These games can be digital or physical programs and encourage people to move around your website, store, or other locations by solving clues that are relevant to your brand’s purpose. They are motivated to solve each clue to get one step closer to earning rewards, discounts, or prizes.

Planning a Scavenger Hunt requires a balance of making it fun and challenging, but not so challenging it becomes frustrating. Online Scavenger Hunts have greater controls, as physical programs can be tampered by people or other elements like rain. Scavenger Hunts include an incentive that encourages consumers to participate.

MRi has experience running scavenger hunts to achieve many local and national brand’s purpose. Whether it is staffing to hide physical clues, or developing creative and interesting ways to get people to navigate your website, MRi’s will create a comprehensive campaign to achieve your goals.

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