Repeat customers are more profitable as they spend more and cost less. The purpose of Loyalty programs is to create relationships and encourage consumers to return by rewarding them. However, the greatest benefit to these programs is the amount of customer data they provide. Collecting, measuring, and analyzing this data empowers you to impact future consumer buying habits by aligning them with your brand’s purpose. 

Loyalty programs become the focal point of your marketing efforts so you must be sure the program is structured properly and securely. The goal of a Loyalty program is to find the right mix of rewards that generate sales and profits. Since Loyalty programs give something of value back to consumers, you need to have controls around how those rewards are distributed.

We take the guesswork out of crafting effective, memorable, and innovative loyalty programs. Whether that includes creating a brand new program, enhancing functionality of an existing one, or building out a custom portal & platform build to manage everything between you and your customers, MRi will walk you through each step of our process including:

  • Identifying what you want your customers to do
  • Developing the right rewards structure to get them to do it
  • Creating an acquisition strategy to get them involved
  • Evaluating and evolving the program to keep them involved

Once the program is planned our Project Management team will coordinate the necessary Digital Services, Production Management, Fulfillment, and Legal and Compliance resources to bring it to market.

Talk with one of our Client Strategy Managers today to plan your Loyalty program.

PEPSI Stuff loyalty program. Drink Pepsi. Get Stuff. Includes Pepsi branded merchandise.

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