T-Mobile Tuesdays: The Promotional App for Customer Appreciation

When deciding which promotion to use, it’s important to choose the platform that will deliver results that match the goals of your business. Knowing the different types of promotions and the results that are generated from them is essential when planning out your next marketing and promotional strategy because what is impactful for one company may not have the same effect for another company.

Creating a promotional app is not typically recommended because it generates additional costs to create and manage the promotion. The app needs to be accessible to everyone whether they use IOS or Android and there are also costs for all mobile platform accessibility. Additionally, the time restraint of running a long-term promotional app is difficult to control and it requires approval from the app store. However, even after all of these potential negatives, T-Mobile has been hugely successful with the implementation of the T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion.

T-Mobile Tuesdays is a long-term promotional app that offers free prizes to users every week. There are three simple steps for T-Mobile customers to claim these weekly prizes:

  1. Download the T-Mobile Tuesday app
  2. Log in to ‘My Stuff’ with a valid T-Mobile phone number and enter the PIN sent via text message to enroll with the app
  3. Go to ‘My Stuff’ every Tuesday and claim the free gifts

Prizes can be claimed every Tuesday starting at 5:00 a.m. continuing to Wednesday at 4:59 a.m. ET. The prizes are awarded simply for being a customer and there is no purchase necessary.

T-Mobile Tuesdays partners include: Subway, MGM Resorts International, Lyft, Shell, Bon Appetit, Stubhub, Zappos, Fandango, Gilt, Hotel Tonight, Master Chef.

What sets T-Mobile Tuesdays apart from other promotional apps is that it acts as a loyalty program that does not require any acquisition of points over a period of time. It’s not a points system, there is no purchase necessary, and it is less of a promotion and more of a thank you to T-Mobile customers. Each Tuesday there is one grand prize to be won and a number of other freebies given to anyone who participates in the game on the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

There is a prize every time and the app even refers to the prizes as gifts, which emphasizes the purpose as customer appreciation. Gifts are personal and gifts do not have to be repaid. The promotion has a presence via social media with the hashtags #GetThanked and #TMobileTuesdays. T-Mobile is doing all it can to emphasize that this promotion is not a gimmick and that the company truly cares for its customers.

The app offers a countdown to the nearest Tuesday and optional push notifications to make sure customers never miss out on the number of smaller prizes or a chance to win the grand prize. The T-Mobile Tuesdays app is an unusual platform for a promotion, but it works for the company because the focus is on customer appreciation. Once again, T-Mobile’s main goal in implementing this long-term promotional app is to set it up as a loyalty program for T-Mobile customers.

The app adds value to the parts of T-Mobile’s business where customer service or quality service had previously been lacking. The weekly thank yous T-Mobile provides to their customers through the giveaways make up for service that may have been inadequate in the past. The continued appreciation moves T-Mobile customers to be willing to look past some of the difficulties of using this provider.

This is one of the many reasons why this promotional app works so well and why it is worth it for T-Mobile to pay the added expenses associated with running a long-term promotion through an app. The added effort put forth by T-Mobile makes their app a prime destination for consumers to engage, and allowing them to own a day of the week. This is just one reason why this promotion stands out from other apps, sweepstakes, and instant win games.

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