At MRi, purposeful digital promotion packages are our focus. We have developed our own strategic plan to meet your individual promotion’s purpose. It starts with the big IDEA.


Step 1: Identify your purpose

We use our consultative approach and proprietary system, Consumer Connect, to gather information that helps us understand your business; your goals, targets, opportunities and challenges. From this information, we identify insights and move you to the next step in our IDEA plan. Identify your purpose for FREE.*

Step 2: Develop your purpose

To develop your promotion’s purpose we dig in as a team to define and create the best promotion strategy for your brand. The tactical options are endless, which is a huge part of the fun in designing a promotion that tells your brand story while making a meaningful connection with your customers. Whether it ‘s an instant win game, loyalty program, sweepstakes, collect-to-win game, or some other tactic, MRi will bring your promotion to life and give it purpose. Click here to learn more about different types of promotion possibilities.

Step 3: Execute your purpose

This is where all the individual components are developed and our team brings your purpose-driven digital promotions to market. Our Promotion Managers are experts in handling timelines, legalities, production and compliance regulations. In addition, they coordinate with our in-house digital department to guarantee an exceptional User Experience from start to finish; no matter what digital solutions you need. Click here to learn more about our digital services to make your promotion stand out and put YOU on top of the marketing world.

Step 4: Analyze your purpose

We are immersed in data throughout your promotion because it’s the results that give you the payoff. We monitor the data and track the promotion analytics while your program is in market. In the end, we evaluate the results by measuring them against your established goals and use what we learn to identify the purpose of your next purpose-driven digital promotion.

Successful Promotions Deliver More Than a Promise, They Have a Purpose  

MRi’s Purpose-Driven Digital Promotions provide unique opportunities to connect with your consumers through interactive marketing experiences.  It is these experiences that will leave a lasting impression on those consumers and move your connection beyond just products and purchases to meaningful customer relationships.

Are you ready to identify your promotion purpose? MRi will guide you through each step of our IDEA process to develop promotions that build strong connections with your customers.

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