How the DMPEA Impacts Sweepstakes and Contests

How the DMPEA Impacts Sweepstakes and Contests

Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen technological growth and digitization that dwarves the combined growth of the rest of history combined. Yet, despite this rapid digital transformation, the remains one age-old channel that isn’t going away anytime soon. Direct mail.  While it may not be used nearly as often for personal communication, everybody still […]

Sweepstakes Legal Administration: Our Full-Service Approach to Protecting Your Brand

Promotional legal administration

Interested in executing a promotional campaign? Why wouldn’t you be? Promotional campaigns like loyalty programs, sweepstakes, contests, and games, are not only highly effective tools for engaging and expanding your audience, but they can achieve any number of marketing objectives. Like, boosting sales, building brand loyalty, and keeping your email list fresh, just to name […]

The Promotional Marketer’s Breakdown of Contest and Sweepstakes Laws by State (Updated for 2023)

Sweepstakes Laws By State

Marketing promotions like sweepstakes, contests, and instant-win games are effective tactics for boosting brand awareness, generating new leads, increasing sales and engagement, and much more, when done correctly. When operated incorrectly, however, marketing promotions can actually have catastrophic legal implications for your business.  With a number of federal and state laws regulating contests and sweepstakes, […]