Enhance Your Customer Loyalty Program With Digital Services

Digital Technology to Support Your Customer Loyalty Program

With all the shiny new technology that exists today, there are so many opportunities to get your consumers excited about your loyalty program. Among the most popular are: augmented reality, geofencing, and voice activation. Bonus points: all of these technologies also help create a seamless experience!

Augmented Reality (AR)

In the last few years,  Augmented reality (AR) has become increasingly popular and is expected to continue to grow tremendously. There is still a lot of confusion between AR and its relative “Virtual Reality” (VR). The difference boils down to this: Virtual Reality is when a user is immersed in a space that is completely virtual. Augmented reality is when virtual elements are added to a physical space (typically with phone cameras).

Using Augmented Reality to engage with a program improved the experience for 63% of loyalty program members. So, where does AR fit within your loyalty promotion? The most common application in a loyalty program is when AR is tied to a loyalty app and users scan brand labels for exclusive offers. However, there are many creative ways to use AR with your program. You can use AR to create a game, enhance your advertisements, incentivize specific products, and more.

Many brands (including Disney, IKEA, Patrón, and Converse) have already taken advantage of this technology. Sephora has a fun and unique AR application within its loyalty app. Customers can virtually “try on” different makeup products by using their mobile camera. Sephora utilizes AR tech from ModiFace- a leading AR provider that specializes in the beauty industry. Originally, consumers had to upload a still photo in order to use the Sephora Virtual Artist feature. Today, consumers can try on makeup products with live 3D facial recognition. With this feature, Sephora aims to increase mobile & online sales.

Sephora’s AR includes:

  • virtual try-ons of over 8,000 products from different brands (digiday.com)
  • As part of creating a seamless experience, users can build looks, save the steps, and buy the products all through the Virtual Artist (digiday.com)


For many brands, consumers are likely to spend more in-store than they would have online. With the popularity of online shopping (51% of Americans prefer to shop online, Big Commerce), brands must find creative ways to get consumers to shop in-store. Enter Geofencing. Geofencing is extremely valuable to a loyalty promotion. Brands can target consumers when they are near a retail location and send notifications, reminders, offers, and more. Automatic, location-based offers when inside a store improved the experience for 83% of loyalty program members who have tried this functionality. Additionally, Brands can use GeoConquesting to target consumers when they are near a competitor’s location.

Geofencing is becoming so popular with loyalty programs, that not using it has the potential to hurt your brand. “70% of Gen Z, 64% of Gen X and 63% of Millennials expect to receive personalized recommendations via an app while browsing in-store” (CrowdTwist).

Taco Bell is one of many brands that have used geofencing. By using their mobile app, Taco Bell was able to send push notifications to customers when they were near a taco bell location. The notification would remind consumers they can order food via the Taco Bell app to make the experience as quick and easy as possible.

  • The geofencing campaign saw an increase of 6% in annual sales for the fast food chain.


There are currently about 3.25 billion voice assistants in use now, and that number is estimated to rise to about 8 billion by 2023 according to Juniper Research. Getting in on voice-activated loyalty early could yield major growth for your brand. With a lot of voice assistants, being one of the first is crucial. Smart speakers rely on top-rated and top-used answers since users want a concise response from their voice assistant. As you can imagine, once an answer has gained a lot of traction, it can be hard for others to compete (think Google’s SEO on steroids).

In late 2014, Amazon announced a groundbreaking new device- the Amazon Echo. People around the world were introduced to Alexa, their personal voice assistant.  While the Echo wasn’t the first voice assistant, it was the first stand-alone smart speaker. Now, both Alexa and its competitor Google Home, are opening new possibilities for brands and marketers alike.

There are many ways adding voice activation to your loyalty program could excite and engage consumers. Users can check loyalty points, review purchase history with your brand, re-purchase items, claim rewards, and find answers about the loyalty program with their voice. There is even potential for users to join a loyalty program via voice assistant. This not only engages consumers, but simplifies the process as well.


By adding digital technologies to your customer loyalty program, you can strengthen your consumers’ engagement and loyalty to your brand. With these three tactics, we hope you feel more confident in your next customer loyalty program. For more ways to amp up your loyalty program, contact us.

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The System and Network Administrator plays a critical role on the MRi Digital team, and overall in the success of our company. They are responsible for the day-to-day administration and technical support of complex Linux servers, Virtual Infrastructure and Systems Management, and maintenance and support of end-user systems. You’ll be working closely with our teams on client projects and making sure our internal systems are updated and secure. 

Our ideal candidate will be proactive, have great organizational skills, not shy away from communication with our teams, think through and help solve different problems, and gain an understanding of our business to help our team achieve amazing results.

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Our ideal candidate will be proactive, have great organizational skills, not shy away from communication with our teams, think through and help solve different problems, and gain an understanding of our business to help our team achieve amazing results.

Responsibilities May Include

  • Design, install, configure, upgrade, maintain, monitor, and tune performance of Linux-based servers and infrastructure, both internal and client-related promotions.
  • Provide support for problems and issues that come up from our clients, vendors, and internal teams.
  • Examine and audit various server logs and determine if any corrective action is required.
  • Review releases of new operating systems and evaluate the implementation in the enterprise.
  • Install, configure, and maintain server firewall and other security software.
  • Identify and provide technical resolution for potential security breaches, then establish and monitor security and apply appropriate fixes.
  • Implement and maintain technical solutions for disaster recovery and business continuity of enterprise and client systems.
  • Select the ideal server hardware for the company’s needs and administer physical server hardware, including repair and replacement of parts as necessary.
  • Monitor and maintain proper end-user system security by ensuring operating systems and software are up-to-date and applying patches as necessary.
  • Maintenance and support of all end-user service accounts including Office365, Google Workspace, hosted VoIP accounts.

The Essentials

  • 1-2 years of experience in Linux server administration in a small to midsize environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree or minimum 4 years of related work experience.
  • Able to effectively plan, deploy and administer Linux servers in an enterprise environment.
  • Strong familiarity with Linux OS, Windows, macOS, application, and hardware troubleshooting.
  • Familiarity with VMware ESXi and XenServer/XCP-NG, DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS, and Docker.
  • Networking and Storage – Familiarity with pfSense (*BSD pf) firewalls, Ubiquiti network gear, Synology NAS equipment, iSCSI, NFS, SMB, and AFP file protocols.  TCP/IP, UDP, and VLAN. configurations to manage networking and storage.  
  • Ability to compose thorough and clear documentation on routine tasks, standard operating procedures, and other documents beneficial to team members.

You’ll stand out if you have experience with

  • Debian-based Linux or Ubuntu operating systems, roles, services, concepts, security, permissions, middleware, and facilities required. (e.g. SMTP, NFS, SMB, iptables, LVM, LUKS).
  • Amazon AWS S3, EC2, and ElasticBeanstalk required.
  • Samba4 as an Active Directory Domain Controller, Administering Active Directory through. the use of GPOs and OUs.
  • Supporting Windows and macOS systems.
  • Scripting concepts and methods with competence in at least one relevant language (e.g. Bash, Python, Perl, etc.)
  • Internet clients/servers/protocols, including HTTPS, SSH, MTAs (e.g. Postfix).
  • An ability to explain complex technical processes in a more simplified version to team members, clients, and partners.
  • Experience with IT project management practices and techniques.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

The Perks

  • Medical insurance options
  • Dental insurance
  • 401(K) plan with company match
  • Flexible remote work policy
  • Paid sick days
  • Generous vacation and paid holidays

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