Our Top 5 Loyalty Programs from the Past 25 Years

Top 5 loyalty programs

As part of our celebration of 25 years working with the world’s top brands to help bring exciting purpose-driven promotions to consumers around the globe, we’re taking a look back at a few of our most memorable loyalty programs from our history. The criteria for the following promotions in our “Top Five” list below range from promotion size, success, and uniqueness to new technologies, company ‘firsts’, and more.

Foodland Super Market Maika`i (1995)

Promotion Overview:

Working in partnership with Foodland’s marketing group, MRi designed a point-based program that tracked purchase behavior down to the individual shopper level.  Using MRi’s proprietary data analysis software platform we were able to offer personalized incentives to Foodland’s loyalty members. Foodland already had a positive local connection with the residents of Hawai’i, so our goal was to give them a reason to return to Foodland over the competition.

With every dollar spent at Foodland, members got closer to free groceries, free airline tickets, free car rentals, free hotel rooms, discounts at Whaler General Stores (Foodland C-Stores) for food, snacks and fuel, plus exclusive trip packages to great destinations and resorts on the mainland! In addition, every month MRi printed a personalized newsletter using shopper data to provide coupon offers selected specifically for each individual shopper, which was no small feat back in 1995.

Why we picked it: The Foodland Maika`i loyalty program was MRi’s very first promotion! Foodland was awarded the Hawai’i Marketer of the Year Award in 1995 for the Maika`i loyalty program, which continues to be a huge success to this day, 25 years later!

Pepsi Stuff (2008)

Promotion Overview:

We were thrilled to be selected to work on Pepsi Stuff 2008, which was a relaunch of the original Pepsi Stuff program from 1996! From February through December 2008, Pepsi fans could upload codes found on-pack for points, which they could collect and later redeem for rewards! For this program, in partnership with Amazon, consumers could redeem their Pepsi Stuff points directly on Amazon’s website for exciting, fun premiums.

In addition to the 2008 Pepsi Stuff relaunch, Pepsi rebooted the Pepsi Stuff program again in 2018, this time with three unique themes to keep consumers interested all year long. The first was a retro “generations” theme, the second was “summer music” (which included Limited-Edition Icon Cans featuring famous musicians previously seen in older Pepsi campaigns), and the third was NFL to raise awareness of their NFL sponsorship and excitement for the fall football season.

Why we picked it:
Pepsi Stuff 2008 used “new” Under the Cap (UTC) codes, produced by MRi. This was the first program to utilize our newly developed unique code system, which allowed us to produce 1.8 billion unique codes. Before this, we could only do very limited unique messages under the cap and had to repeat them (buy 1 get one, 20 oz free, or IW prizes). Our Unique Code System is still used today, as it remains one of the most secure ways for brands to validate purchases and track data.

Federal-Mogul Garage Rewards Loyalty Program (2015)

Promotion Overview:
The Federal-Mogul Garage Rewards Loyalty Program was a promotion open to professional technicians and car service repair shop owners. This promotion was designed to support the long-term success and loyalty of Federal Mogul’s front line partners who represented their  most important connection to the public.

Loyal participants could sign up at the exclusive promotion website and earn points by completing various activities such as online training sessions, surveys, product reviews, and more. These points could then be redeemed for an array of incentive items ranging from GoPro cameras and industrial strength tool bags to hats, T-shirts, hoodies and other fun gear.

Why we picked it:
Garage Rewards was a true example of a loyalty program, but it was designed to reward valuable employees, not retail customers. MRi was able to flex our muscles and demonstrate the flexibility and diversity of the traditional loyalty program

Our caps, your cause Prairie Farms (2015+)

Promotion Overview:
Prairie Farms is creating a deeper connection with their consumers and local communities across America through the “Our Caps Your Cause” program. Originally launched in 2015 (and still running to this day), stickers with unique codes can be found on the caps of their participating products. Consumers can go online, enter their code, and select their favorite charity. Consumers are assured to find a cause that will “moo”ove them as they pick from over 1,000 organizations. Once a charity has reached a 1000 point goal, Prairie Farms donates $50 to that charity! The program has donated over hundreds of thousands of dollars thus far to support education, health, sports, and many other great causes!

Why we picked it:
This program is one of our favorites because we love to see promotions that give back to communities. Prairie Farms has been doing just that the past 5 years and has donated an astonishing $220,000 to charities thus far!

PepCoin (Current)

Promotion Overview:
This promotion was based on the popularity of cyber currency. PepsiCo wanted to go big with an on-pack program that spans across multiple brands. The goal was to incentivize the purchase of snack and beverage products together, while also rewarding consumers with cash back for every pair of codes entered. Starting September 2019, Fans were encouraged to purchase a specially marked Frito-Lay snack and a specially marked PepsiCo beverage. Consumers could then visit the promotion microsite and create a PepCoin account to link to either a Venmo or PayPal “cash account”. Once a verified pair of codes are entered, consumers earn up to 10% cash back. Every $2.00 earned will be automatically deposited into their linked Cash Account. That’s right, PepCoin is giving fans cash directly to your account!

Why we picked it:
This program is currently still running! We chose to highlight PepCoin because it’s a substantial program that spans across numerous PepsiCo and Frito-Lay brands. In addition, this promotion involves the collaboration from multiple teams at MRi to ensure a seamless promotion and to help it reach its highest potential.


Thank you to ALL our past and present clients for helping us achieve 25 wonderful years! It all starts with a big IDEA, and we look forward to continuing to develop even more memorable promotions. In the meantime, take a deeper look at some of our most recent promotions on our case stories page. 

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Our ideal candidate will be proactive, have great organizational skills, not shy away from communication with our teams, think through and help solve different problems, and gain an understanding of our business to help our team achieve amazing results.

Responsibilities May Include

  • Design, install, configure, upgrade, maintain, monitor, and tune performance of Linux-based servers and infrastructure, both internal and client-related promotions.
  • Provide support for problems and issues that come up from our clients, vendors, and internal teams.
  • Examine and audit various server logs and determine if any corrective action is required.
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  • Select the ideal server hardware for the company’s needs and administer physical server hardware, including repair and replacement of parts as necessary.
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The Essentials

  • 1-2 years of experience in Linux server administration in a small to midsize environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree or minimum 4 years of related work experience.
  • Able to effectively plan, deploy and administer Linux servers in an enterprise environment.
  • Strong familiarity with Linux OS, Windows, macOS, application, and hardware troubleshooting.
  • Familiarity with VMware ESXi and XenServer/XCP-NG, DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS, and Docker.
  • Networking and Storage – Familiarity with pfSense (*BSD pf) firewalls, Ubiquiti network gear, Synology NAS equipment, iSCSI, NFS, SMB, and AFP file protocols.  TCP/IP, UDP, and VLAN. configurations to manage networking and storage.  
  • Ability to compose thorough and clear documentation on routine tasks, standard operating procedures, and other documents beneficial to team members.

You’ll stand out if you have experience with

  • Debian-based Linux or Ubuntu operating systems, roles, services, concepts, security, permissions, middleware, and facilities required. (e.g. SMTP, NFS, SMB, iptables, LVM, LUKS).
  • Amazon AWS S3, EC2, and ElasticBeanstalk required.
  • Samba4 as an Active Directory Domain Controller, Administering Active Directory through. the use of GPOs and OUs.
  • Supporting Windows and macOS systems.
  • Scripting concepts and methods with competence in at least one relevant language (e.g. Bash, Python, Perl, etc.)
  • Internet clients/servers/protocols, including HTTPS, SSH, MTAs (e.g. Postfix).
  • An ability to explain complex technical processes in a more simplified version to team members, clients, and partners.
  • Experience with IT project management practices and techniques.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

The Perks

  • Medical insurance options
  • Dental insurance
  • 401(K) plan with company match
  • Flexible remote work policy
  • Paid sick days
  • Generous vacation and paid holidays

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