How to Build Customer Loyalty in a Recession

How to Build Customer Loyalty in a Recession

It’s no secret that we’ve been in a bit of an economic pickle for the last several months. Teetering between “we’re entering a recession” and “what recession?” on top of some record-high inflation, it’s safe to say that brands and consumers alike are left reeling. In a time when we’re seeing historic inflation levels, reduced […]

Marketing Personalization: What It Is and How to Excel at It

Marketing Personalization

Open up your email inbox and take a look at the subject lines. How many of them call you out by name? Almost as if you and whoever sent it are old friends, or at least, on a first-name basis. But, how many of those senders do you actually know? How many have you ever […]

Marketing During a Recession: 8 Tips to Keep Your Brand Afloat

Marketing During a Recession Blog

Soaring gas prices, rising inflation, global conflict, and generally volatile markets are all brewing at the same time right now. Unfortunately, this isn’t a recipe most of us are eager to try, and economic uncertainty is impacting nearly every aspect of our lives now. Marketing during a recession likelyfinds itself last on your list of priorities. […]