Credit One Bank Nascar Sweepstakes

Credit One Bank sought a way to boost engagement and downloads on their mobile app, encourage their cardmembers to participate in their programs, increase new cardmember sign-ups, and increase spending on their cards. Needless to say, Credit One and its team of partners surely had their work cut out for them.  Pulling from past experience, […]

Groupon Party Like a Player

Groupon Giveaway

Groupon sought an effective way to move away from only offering coupons and discounts, and focus on more premium, unique experiences that their users can’t get anywhere else. Creating a sense of exclusivity and making a huge splash for their first foray into premium events was important to Groupon, so they turned to a team […]

Nitro Pepsi x Walmart Program

Nitro Pepsi Case Study

NITRO Pepsi is adding the newest flavor to their lineup by launching it exclusively in Walmart. Users will have the ability to scan a secure QR code in-store where they will be taken to the dedicated microsite ( There, fans were tasked with watching a video and swiping away the foam to reveal a digital […]

MTN Dew Major Melon

To promote the recent launch of their new flavor — MTN DEW MAJOR MELON — the Dew team wanted to go big!  And what better way than doing something that’s never been done before, during literally the biggest event in American sports – the Super Bowl. MTN DEW wanted to “own” the conversation and share […]

Halo Top 50% Less Sugar Daddy Program

MRi supported the Halo Top team with the launch of their new fruit bars with 50% less sugar, the perfect guilt-free summer treat! To celebrate the launch, and offer a way for their consumers to take more advantage of the 50% less sugar, Halo Top and ICF Next wanted to give consumers the opportunity to […]

Pepsi Zero Sugar Canada Super Bowl

Pepsi Zero Sugar Canada

The Super Bowl just wouldn’t be the same without the delicious food and drink fans enjoy while watching the game. Pepsi wanted to take advantage of its sponsorship with the NFL and the upcoming Super Bowl to position itself as the ultimate game-day beverage. The brand sought an easy and efficient way for users to […]

Gatorade College Football Activations 2021

Gatorade instant win game

Few times are more exciting than the start of college football! With school back in session, Fall in the air, and fans back in the stands, the 2021 season looked to mark an amazing return of the tradition. Gatorade, a brand synonymous with college sports, especially Football, wanted to develop a consumer promotion that amplifies […]

Pepsico PepCoin


Identifying Pepsico’s Purpose The first step we take in any successful promotional campaign is to work with our clients to identify their purpose. Why are they running a promotional campaign in the first place? What is their primary goal and how can we help them achieve it? Working closely with the Pepsico team, it became […]

Blue Bunny Summer of Funlightenment

Blue Bunny Case Study Awards

Blue Bunny’s Largest Media Campaign.. Ever Looking to raise spirits and drum up some excitement for their brand, Blue Bunny sought to turn COVID-19’s “second summer” into a season-long party! It was time for a summer of funlightenment! For this experience to be a success, it required three equally epic promotions. MRi’s experts got to […]

Credit One Bank Summer Slam Sweepstakes


Summer Slam Sweepstakes Credit One Bank loves rewarding new and existing card members with exciting offers and incentives. This summer, Credit One Bank partnered with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to debut the brand new WWE Champion Credit Card! Using our consultative approach and Consumer Connect, MRi identified the promotion’s unique purpose for Credit One Bank. […]