Loyalty Program Administration: Our Recipe for Long-Term Engagement

loyalty program administration

Brands looking to drive long-term customer engagement, drive revenue, and control critical elements of their buyer’s behavior turn to loyalty programs.  An excellent tool at your disposal, developing a loyalty program seems like a no-brainer for most brands. However, the development and launch of your brand’s campaign is only half the battle (and no easy […]

What Is a Premium Loyalty Program?

What is a premium loyalty program

The savvy brand marketer you are, surely you’re well aware of customer loyalty programs and why your brand might want to execute one. Of course, you already know that loyalty programs nurture your customers, meet their evolving needs, and foster greater customer loyalty. But, have you considered the benefits of a premium loyalty program for […]

Loyalty Marketing: Surefire Ways to Attract and Delight Loyal Customers

Loyalty Marketing

Consider how many businesses you buy from on a regular basis. How do they get you to come back? Loyalty marketing, marketing campaigns created specifically to foster brand loyalty, reward customers with perks and prizes to attract and delight loyal customers.  ​​In this digital age, you can’t keep your customers unless you give them a […]

The Ever-Evolving Psychology of Brand Loyalty

The ever-evolving psychology of brand loyalty

The psychology of brand loyalty has baffled sales and marketing teams for decades. Over the years, we’ve gone from seeing headlines lauding customer loyalty as the gold standard of quality business and critical to its success, to being disregarded as a metric not even worth measuring. On one hand, we’re told that increasing customer retention […]

How to Create a Seamless Customer Loyalty Program UX

Customer Loyalty UX

You just got home. You’re excited to enter a loyalty program. After minutes of searching online (what felt like hours), you finally find how to enter. Your frustration is starting to outweigh your excitement. You discover there are 10 steps to creating an account. The customer loyalty program UX is confusing and frustrating. Do you […]