How to Hire a Sweepstakes Administrator

What to consider when hiring a sweepstakes administrator

Somewhere in between your brand’s content marketing strategy, paid marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy, and any other marketing strategy you can think of, there’s probably a gap just waiting to be filled. Your company’s promotional marketing strategy. If you’re like most marketers, running a sweepstakes, contest, or instant win game sounds like a fun […]

Sweepstakes Official Rules Creation: Cheat Sheet

Sweepstakes Official Rules Creation Cheat Sheet

While running a sweepstakes promotion might sound straightforward, actually developing and executing a successful campaign may be harder than you think. Far more complex than a simple giveaway, a promotional sweepstakes campaign contains several high-level elements to consider. Before your sweepstakes can ever go to market, your brand must first write ironclad sweepstakes official rules. […]

Our Top 5 Sweepstakes From the Past 25 Years

Top 5 Sweepstakes

Top 5 Sweepstakes Join us as we look back on the top 5 sweepstakes we’ve administered over the last 25 years! As part of our celebration of 25 years working with the world’s top brands to help bring exciting purpose-driven promotions to consumers around the globe, we’re taking a look back at a few of […]

Guide to Running a Facebook Sweepstakes or Contest in 2023

Guide to Running a Facebook Sweepstakes or Contest in 2023

Thinking of running a Facebook sweepstakes or contest for your brand in 2023? The differences between a Facebook promotion and your standard promotion can be quite stark. Before running a Facebook sweepstakes or contest, you should know the advantages & disadvantages. See if a facebook promotion is right for you, and if so, follow our […]


Sweepstakes 101

The World of Promotional Marketing Oftentimes mistakenly referred to as simply just a “sweepstakes,” the world of promotional marketing campaigns is actually far more expansive than only a sweepstakes campaign. In fact, sweepstakes, contests, promotional games, and giveaways are all effective campaigns that your brand can execute in order to support your overall marketing efforts. […]