Planning Your Brand’s Sweepstakes

Planning Your Brand's Sweepstakes

So, you’re interested in planning your brand’s sweepstakes campaign. Who wouldn’t be? Arguably the most recognizable type of promotional marketing campaign, a targeted sweepstakes campaign can have a massive impact on your brand’s marketing. Effective at generating leads, exciting new and current customers, increasing brand awareness, and, pretty much anything else your team needs, sweepstakes […]

How to Write Your Brand’s Social Media Giveaway Rules

How to Write your brand's social media giveaway rules

Looking for how to write your brand’s social media giveaway rules? You’ve come to the right place! A social media giveaway, like a contest or a sweepstakes, is a reliable way to boost brand awareness, online engagement, and, of course, delight your loyal fans. Giveaways, or promotional campaigns, come in all shapes and sizes. Executed […]

Sweepstakes Management Checklist: Our Step-By-Step Process

Sweepstakes Management Checklist

At Marketing Resources Inc., we’ve been leading the promotional marketing industry for nearly 30 years. Working with some of the most recognizable brands in the world, we’ve developed hundreds of campaigns, fulfilled millions of prizes, and generated billions of leads. To be honest, we’ve kind of got this whole “sweepstakes management” thing down to a […]

Top 3 CPG Sweepstakes Tips To Run an Exciting Promotional Campaign

Top 3 CPG Sweepstakes Tips

Consumer product goods (CPG) brands do not have it “easy” by any means. The industry is responsible for $2 trillion of the American GDP. There are thousands upon thousands of products lining the shelves of stores across America. And, worst of all, consumers are increasingly less brand loyal with each year. With thousands to compete […]

5 Tips to Develop Your Sweepstakes Marketing Strategy

5 Tips to Develop Your Sweepstakes Marketing Strategy

Marketing departments always seem to run at a pace of a mile-a-minute. With so many different tactics and strategies to develop, trends to keep up with, pieces of content to create, and other departments hoping for a minute of your time, it’s always go-time. Keeping up with all of this is more than a full-time […]

Sweepstakes Marketing: Why Your Brand should Run a Promotional Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Marketing Strategies

Almost half of all marketers, 47%, surveyed stated that generating new traffic and leads is the “biggest marketing challenge they face.” Stay ahead of the curve and address the challenges your company is facing right now with our powerful and effective sweepstakes marketing to grow your brand.  It’s no surprise that sweepstakes and promotional marketing […]

Grow your Email List with a Sweepstakes

Grow Email List

Email is a particularly effective marketing channel utilized by almost 90% of all marketers in 2021 (  A tool to share your brand message, connect with consumers, nurture leads and convert them into customers, email is every marketer’s secret weapon. Their email database is the engine keeping everything running.  Without a constant flow of inbound […]

Sweepstakes vs. Contests: The Definitive Guide

Sweepstakes vs contest

Sweepstakes and Contests: Built Differently  “Sweepstakes” and “contests” are oftentimes incorrectly used interchangeably. It’s a fair mistake to make, though. Not too many people really care to differentiate between the two when there’s a prize at the end of it all, anyway. However, as the promotion administrator, understanding the difference between a contest and sweepstakes […]

The Promotional Marketer’s Breakdown of Contest and Sweepstakes Laws by State (Updated for 2023)

Sweepstakes Laws By State

Marketing promotions like sweepstakes, contests, and instant-win games are effective tactics for boosting brand awareness, generating new leads, increasing sales and engagement, and much more, when done correctly. When operated incorrectly, however, marketing promotions can actually have catastrophic legal implications for your business.  With a number of federal and state laws regulating contests and sweepstakes, […]