Planning Your Brand’s Sweepstakes

Planning Sweepstakes

So, you’re interested in planning your brand’s sweepstakes campaign. Who wouldn’t be? Arguably the most recognizable type of promotional marketing campaign, a targeted sweepstakes campaign can have a massive impact on your brand’s marketing. Effective at generating leads, exciting new and current customers, increasing brand awareness, and, pretty much anything else your team needs, sweepstakes […]

How to Write Your Brand’s Social Media Giveaway Rules

How to Write Your Brand's Social Media Giveaway Rules

Giveaways, or promotional campaigns, come in all shapes and sizes. Executed by large and small businesses alike, sweepstakes accomplish any number of marketing objectives. Developing a sweepstakes campaign is no small task with so many options and variations.  A social media giveaway can expand your brand’s online presence, increase engagement, and connect with new and […]

How to Measure Customer Loyalty

how to measure customer loyalty

Customer loyalty, defined as the ongoing emotional relationship between a brand and its consumers, according to Oracle, is the gold standard for consumer engagement. Of course, brands crave loyal consumers, who’re sure to buy from them, and consumers seek emotional connections and meaningful interactions with the brands they pick. It’s easy to see then just […]

How to Collect Your Brand’s Zero-Party Data

How to collect Zero Party Data

In an ever-evolving digital world, the data landscape serving as a foundation for most marketers is, at best, rocky. At worst, it’s a confusing smorgasbord of different laws and regulations, competing consumer preferences and expectations, and changing technology. On top of that, many businesses sit on a gold mine of data and insights, they just […]

2022 Marketing Trends and Predictions

2022 Marketing Trends and Predictions

Happy New Year! If you’re certain it’s a new year, but not totally sure exactly what year it is, you’re in good company. It goes without saying that these last two years have been.. weird. With seemingly everything else on your plates right now, we figured we’d help you cross at least one item off […]

Best Practices for Creating Successful Promotional Websites

Best Practices for Creating Successful Promotional Websites

Does your brand prioritize the development of its promotional websites? 85% of Americans spend time online every single day, with an astounding 31% claiming they’re online “almost constantly,” according to a recent study from the Pew Research Center. As we spend more and more time on our smartphones and various other connected devices (think things […]