How to Build Customer Loyalty in a Recession

How to Build Customer Loyalty in a Recession

It’s no secret that we’ve been in a bit of an economic pickle for the last several months. Teetering between “we’re entering a recession” and “what recession?” on top of some record-high inflation, it’s safe to say that brands and consumers alike are left reeling. In a time when we’re seeing historic inflation levels, reduced […]

Marketing Personalization: What It Is and How to Excel at It

Marketing Personalization

Open up your email inbox and take a look at the subject lines. How many of them call you out by name? Almost as if you and whoever sent it are old friends, or at least, on a first-name basis. But, how many of those senders do you actually know? How many have you ever […]

5 Tips to Spark Your Brand’s Promotional Campaign Participation

Spark Your Brand’s Promotional Campaign Participation

As a marketer, the number one most common question you’ll be asked about the campaigns you run is “what’s the ROI?” It’s a fair question and one that’s probably always on your mind. Ensure your brand gets the most out of every penny spent (and you look like a hero in your annual review) by […]


Sweepstakes 101

The World of Promotional Marketing Oftentimes mistakenly referred to as simply just a “sweepstakes,” the world of promotional marketing campaigns is actually far more expansive than only a sweepstakes campaign. In fact, sweepstakes, contests, promotional games, and giveaways are all effective campaigns that your brand can execute in order to support your overall marketing efforts. […]