Driscoll’s Children’s Book Sweepstakes

A Sofia Special Sweepstakes The holidays are a special time for families across the globe and Driscoll’s wanted to help promote happiness and sharing during this time. Recently releasing their book – A Sofia Special – Driscoll’s felt this was a great opportunity to get their book in the hands of their loyal consumers. And […]

Burger King and Spiderman: Across the Spider-verse

Spider-Me: Build a custom character If given the opportunity, how many people would love to be their favorite superhero? Well, maybe we can’t actually make that happen, but in this program, we offered the next best thing with the Spider-Me creator. Users who scan a QR code on Burger King Jr. meal land on this […]

Press Play on Summer

Pepsi was looking for a unique way to offer their consumers a chance to enter the program. They wanted to include a few of their iconic brands in Pepsi and Mountain Dew, and then also continue the momentum with their newly launched Starry flavor. Offering consumers a way to use the bottle itself as the […]

MTN Dew Major Melon

To promote the recent launch of their new flavor — MTN DEW MAJOR MELON — the Dew team wanted to go big!  And what better way than doing something that’s never been done before, during literally the biggest event in American sports – the Super Bowl. MTN DEW wanted to “own” the conversation and share […]