How to Create a Seamless Customer Loyalty Program UX

Customer Loyalty UX

You just got home. You’re excited to enter a loyalty program. After minutes of searching online (what felt like hours), you finally find how to enter. Your frustration is starting to outweigh your excitement. You discover there are 10 steps to creating an account. The customer loyalty program UX is confusing and frustrating. Do you […]

Give the People What They Want: Top Ten Promotional Marketing Prizes

Promotional Prizing

When it comes to promotional campaigns, nothing is more enticing to a consumer than the promotional marketing prizes. You could have the most unique and creative promotion, but without an exciting prize, your program will suffer. On the other hand, a great prize can make even the most simple of promotions exciting for consumers. After […]

Highly Engaging Photo Contest Tips for Consumer Brands

Highly Engaging Photo Contest Tips for Consumer Brands

Top Five Photo Contest Tips Photo contests are among the most common types of contests. Photos are engaging and they typically dont require as much effort for your consumers, when compared to a video or essay. There are many benefits to running a photo contest, the biggest of which is increased engagement and user generated […]

Here are 5 Signs That You’ve Just Run a Great Promotional Campaign

Have you ever wondered the best ways to know if your promotional campaign was a success? There are many ways to evaluate the effectiveness of your promotional campaign, in this article we will discuss 5 signs that you’ve just run a great promotional campaign. Sales Perhaps the most obvious sign that your promotion was a […]

Sweepstakes Official Rules Creation: Cheat Sheet

Sweepstakes Official Rules Creation Cheat Sheet

While running a sweepstakes promotion might sound straightforward, actually developing and executing a successful campaign may be harder than you think. Far more complex than a simple giveaway, a promotional sweepstakes campaign contains several high-level elements to consider. Before your sweepstakes can ever go to market, your brand must first write ironclad sweepstakes official rules. […]

Voice Activation: A New & Exciting Frontier in Promotions Marketing

Voice Activation

Voice activation is an untapped tool in promotional marketing. Since the first implementation of voice technology nearly a decade ago, VA tools have seen a huge rise in sales, like voice speakers Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The majority of smart speaker usage is for things like checking the weather, playing music, or asking a […]