2018’s Holiday Cyber Spending Numbers & How Brands Can Use This Data to Increase Customer Loyalty [INFOGRAPHIC]

How can brand managers use this information to increase their consumer engagement for the2019 holiday season? Key Insights1. The amount of online holiday shopping during the “cyber 5” period continues to increase,with 2018’s cyber five period resulting in about 20% of all holiday shopping revenue.2. This year’s must-haves on Black Friday were laptops, LOL Surprise dolls,…


Apps of the World [Infographic]

Smartphones and mobile apps have evolved into one of the best vehicles for people to engage, interact and communicate with each other and brands. As much as they make the world feel smaller and more connected, there are still plenty of differences amongst cultures, countries, and continents in how people are using apps. Using insights…


Statistics for the Graduating Class of 2018 [Infographic]

It’s graduation season across the country, which means there’s a new influx of college graduates entering the business world. There’s a lot of information – and misinformation – out there about employment, where to find the most job opportunity, and more. The below infographic snapshots some interesting and relevant information for the graduating class of 2018.