7 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Brand’s Social Media Engagement

7 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Brand’s Social Media Engagement

On the surface, social media engagement sounds simple, and everyone thinks they’re a pro.  Post. Post. Post. Heck, look at some of the top comments and replies to a large brand’s recent post. Chances are, some anonymous user jumped into the comments to talk directly to the marketing “intern” who they assumed created the post. […]

Sweepstakes Marketing: Why Your Brand should Run a Promotional Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Marketing Strategies

Almost half of all marketers, 47%, surveyed stated that generating new traffic and leads is the “biggest marketing challenge they face.” Stay ahead of the curve and address the challenges your company is facing right now with our powerful and effective sweepstakes marketing to grow your brand.  It’s no surprise that sweepstakes and promotional marketing […]

Sweepstakes vs. Contests: The Definitive Guide

Sweepstakes vs Contests

Sweepstakes and Contests: Built Differently  “Sweepstakes” and “contests” are oftentimes incorrectly used interchangeably. It’s a fair mistake to make, though. Not too many people really care to differentiate between the two when there’s a prize at the end of it all, anyway. However, as the promotion administrator, understanding the difference between a contest and sweepstakes […]

5 Tips to Turn Your Consumer Data Into Actionable Insights

5 Tips to turn data into actionable insights

“Actionable insights” has become such a ubiquitous phrase, at this point, it should be lumped in with other corporate jargon like “synergize,” “circle back to that next week,” and “let’s take this offline.” Its overuse has nearly stripped it of any meaning. A slick salesperson might shout until they’re blue in the face that their […]

Customer Loyalty Hack: The Beauty of In-Store Promotions

The beauty of in-store promotions

It’s easier than ever to be a consumer. Digitization has transformed our phones from just a communication device to a global market, bursting with brands, advertisements, and “add to cart” behind nearly every URL. In fact, in 2021, almost 2.2 billion people (yes, with a b. That’s two hundred thousand million people)  purchased something online, […]

The Ever-Evolving Psychology of Brand Loyalty

psychology of brand loyalty

The psychology of brand loyalty has baffled sales and marketing teams for decades. Over the years, we’ve gone from seeing headlines lauding customer loyalty as the gold standard of quality business and critical to its success, to being disregarded as a metric not even worth measuring. On one hand, we’re told that increasing customer retention […]

How to Create a Seamless Customer Loyalty Program UX

Customer Loyalty Program UX

You just got home. You’re excited to enter a loyalty program. After minutes of searching online (what felt like hours), you finally find how to enter. Your frustration is starting to outweigh your excitement. You discover there are 10 steps to creating an account. The customer loyalty program UX is confusing and frustrating. Do you […]

Give the People What They Want: Top Ten Promotional Marketing Prizes

Top Ten Prizes for Promotions

When it comes to promotional campaigns, nothing is more enticing to a consumer than the promotional marketing prizes. You could have the most unique and creative promotion, but without an exciting prize, your program will suffer. On the other hand, a great prize can make even the most simple of promotions exciting for consumers. After […]